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Character List of The New Non Sticky

Impa, The Princesses Nursemaid

Name: Impa


Age: 19


Gender: Female


Species: Sheikan


Height: 5'9"


Weight: 140


Hair: Long, dark blue, always kept in a tight bun


Eyes: light blue


Skin: A little tanned


Alignment (good, evil, ect.): good


Appearence and Physical Description: muscular from years of training,


Personality: spunky, always ready for someone to challenge her strength


Main Weapon: fists, short sword


Special Skill: ability to slip away unseen


Attacks: strong punches


Weaknesses: when a guy asks her out


History: Named after her ancestor who protected the Princess who saved Hyrule and was a sage 100 years ago. Never knew her real parents, they left her to the king to fulfill the same job her ancestor did. She was raised by the palace guards and trains with them daily. She is always looking for a way to test her strength and takes on any challenge. She is sworn to protect the Princess with her life.