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Character List of The New Non Sticky
Azono, A Poe from Kakariko Graveyard

Azono The Poe

Name: Azono

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Poe

Height: Umm...Normal Height?

Weight: Do ghosts have weights?

Hair: Do Poes have hair?

Eyes: Red

Skin: Midnight Black

Allignment: Not evil, not good, but a Silly Poe that plays tricks on others
Appearance and physical description: A shadowy, and transperent Poe, he always wears a red cloak with hood.

Personality: Always seeing the bright side of things, hes a very happy-go-lucky Poe that loves playing tricks on the unsuspecting
Main Weapon: A small, short dagger.

Special Skill: Going invisible for a short while

Attacks: Using his dagger and...hitting people with his Poe Lantern?

Weaknesses: Light, and arrows (especially light arrows)
History: He's not really sure...he woke up being a Poe, he remembers nothing from his past living life.