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Character List of The New Non Sticky
Amethyst Reitan

Amethyst Teephan Reitan

Name: Amethyst Teephan Reitan (informal Ame)


Age: 16


Gender: Female


Species: Hylain


Height: 5' 4"


Weight: 180 lbs.


Hair: Long with lavender hair that is down to her knees


Eyes: Purple


Skin: Tanned from farming


Alignment (good, evil, ect.): Eventually good


Appearence and Physical Description: Medium/heavy built.


Personality: She is quiet and kind of like a detective


Main Weapon: Notebook she owns (black mail)


Special Skill: Writing and spy work


Attacks: Annoyance


Weaknesses: Link, she likes him


History: Ansestry/family: She was the 3rd of four and was often the one that was independent and unwilling to take orders from her brother and sister who is older. Her brother Villy is an overachiever, and would often claim of his many talents, but not able to prove them right. Her sister, Amiess, is a little bosy and is lazy and loafs around all day, making the rest of the family pull her weight. Her younger brother loves to play around all day, yet is always there for Amethyst except after she starts the case on Link. Her parents are hard workers and often disapointed in Amiess, but wonders about Amethyst. Amethyst's mysterious nature was often what her grandmother, Baisen, had at that age. Baisen passed on at 50, before seeing her grandchildren. Her passing was caused by a homicide, for tresspassing into lives of the villagers in her spare time like Amethyst. Most of Amethyst's other past ancesters were farmers, and the Reitan's still own the farm that has been there since the town of Pailia was founded.