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Character List of The New Non Sticky
Nozomi Akari (Princess Zelda Hylia)

Nozomi Akari/Princess Zelda Hylia

Name: Nozomi Akari (Japanese for Hope Light, or Light of Hope I would think), but she's really Zelda Hylia


Age: how old is Link? About 17 or so


Gender: female


Species: Hylian 


Height: 5'8"


Weight: you dare ask? About 140


Hair: sandy blonde, almost red (dark brown as Nozomi)


Eyes: sky blue (dark green as Nozomi)


Skin: slightly pale


Alignment (good, evil, ect.): good


Appearance and Physical Description: tall and slender, fair like her ancestor for which she is named


Personality: a little spunky, she really doesn't enjoy being a Princess. But also understands her responsibility she has been given and will take it if she needs to.


Main Weapon: a long bow with a quiver of Light Arrows


Special Skill: She inherited much of her namesake’s talents, but the only one Zelda knows she has at this point is the ability to change her appearance. She does not know what other skills she has, and so she cannot use them.


Attacks: Her Light Arrows do the attacking for her, though she can do hand to hand when called for.


Weaknesses: She feels that she must carry Hyrule's fate, so she doesn't want to get close to anyone

History: Born as the only child of the King and Queen of Hyrule, Zelda was named for the Princess who saved Hyrule 100 years ago. She showed early on that she had inherited much of the first Zelda's power and skill. It was thought that she would become a Sage, and lead Hyrule along the Golden Era. But Zelda had other plans. She had dreams since an early age of a crisis coming to Hyrule and ending the golden age her ancestor had started. She knew that the seal on the Sacred Realm would break, but no one listened to a small child. History, is seemed was about to repeat itself. So, when Zelda turned 16 she decided she would alter that History, as if to ward off what would happen. In the dark of night, she armed herself with what Light Arrows she had, took the Ocarina of Time guarded by her family, and fled to the relatively new town of Pailia, where she changed her look and became Nozomi Akari.
But History caught up with Zelda and now she finds that she has to be both the ranger/farmer Nozomi and the Princess Zelda to face this fate, and still few believe in the threat coming from their past