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Character List of The New Non Sticky
Chain of Termina

Name: Chain


Age: 17


Gender: Male


Species: Termian-Gerudo


Height: 5'11


Weight: 160lbs


Hair: Silver-Grey


Eyes: Crimson


Skin: Slightly tanned (Gerudo heritage)


Alignment (good, evil, ect.): Good


Appearence and Physical Description: Standing at 5'11 and weighing 160lbs. He has silver-grey hair and crimson coloured eyes. He attire consists of a black tunic and white underneath body-suit. He wears brown glove and boots. He is slightly tanned from his Gerudo heritage.


Personality: The perfect Anti-Hero. Not having gotten over in his inner pain; Chain can come off as depressed, melancholy, sad, upset etc. He rarely smiles and always seems to be wrapped in a bubble of his own depression. He is noble, and loyal however. If he sets out to do something, he won't stop until it is done. His Gerudo blood can sometimes make him aggressive in what he sets out to do.


Main Weapon: Supreme Blade; The Termian equivalent to the Master Sword. The Supreme Blade has a red hilt, rather than a blue one like the Master Sword and is just as powerful.


Special Skill: Manipulation and deception if he should need to use them. He can also cast Din's Fire, Farore's Wind and Nayru's Love.


Attacks: Basic sword attacks. Very skilled with a sword.


Weaknesses: Termina, and his Faerie; Gator




Eight years ago, Chain was a simple 9 year old boy, living in Clock Town, the main city in Termina, he had a family, a Termian father and a Gerudo mother who were always too busy with their Royal Duties to Astradamus Neeles Termina, the King of Termina.

He had no friends, because well, he's not sure why, people just like avoided him.... Must've been the hair in his opinion....

So, one day, he was coming back from the Professor's Lab, and had intended to climb to the top of the monumental clock in the city, hence the name, Clock Town. On the way back, he was approached by a small ball of red light. It called itself Gator, and said that the great Guardian of the Forest had sent for him....


So, he followed Gator into the forest, and was surrounded by all these blonde haired kids in green calling themselves the Kokiri Tribe. And they didn't like him either! Ok, so he WAS an outsider, but c'mon....

He went to see the Guardian, and to his surprise, it was a giant TREE....


He had never seen anything like it, and thought he was hallucinating or something....

Anyways, he was told of a great evil by the name of Dranagorn, a man from the desert, who had been prophecised to bring death and destruction to Termina, using the power of the Golden Relic, the Triforce.


Then the Deku tree says he wants Chain to save Termina! Chain wasn't been given much choice, so he did as this tree asked, hoping he'd wake up soon....

His first task was to visit Prince Zensha at the Castle, so he made his way there, weaponless, defenceless, with a wallet of 50 rupees to his name.


Somehow he got into the castle, and found the Prince, who was as arrogant as hell, thought he knew everything, but said he knew Chain was coming, but expected him to be dressed in black, but he was in green.

The Deku Tree garbed Chain in the colour of the Kokiri before he left... it'd be seven years before Chain would dye the green tunic black.


He told Chain about the Royal Treasure, the Celestial Flute, which is the flute Chain plays.

Combined with three relics it would open the path to the power to make, or break Termina.

He gave him a letter to deliver back to the Deku Tree, saying that he also knew that Chain was the one....

Which annoyed Chain even more since he knew he wasn't going to be waking up....


Back at the tree, Chain showed the letter to the Deku Tree, who then gave him a sword and shield, along with a Medallion known as Farore's Pendant.

Chain had to collect the Pendants of Din and Nayru in order to gain access to the Power to destroy Dranagorn.

What that Power was, he didn't know, but he set out anyways, accompanied by Gator.


During his quest to find the Medallions, he gained some worthy allies, and some more than worthy enemies.

Somebody who became one of Chain's greatest friends, was a ranch girl named Romani. Malon looks almost identical to her.


Being the "Hero" or "Anti-Hero", as Rawrru, a Goron blood-brother of his called him, he didn't have time for a girlfriend. Nor did Chain want to take the risk.

Plus, he was nine.


He was called an "Anti-Hero" because he was the Hero who didn't want this calling, Chain was doing this reluctantly, and back then he never understood why.....


After he had obtained the last two Medallions, Chain returned to the Deku Tree, who then after a speech about Courage and Bravery, and telling him about the Triforce and it's Power, Chain was starting to understand the situation abit better, but he never understood his part in it....

Chain returned to Zensha, and was met by the King, who congratulated him, and after yet another long speech, he was presented with the Celestial Flute, and brought to the Chrono Temple , where he opened the Gates of Time to recieve the power that could stop Dranagorn.


THAT! was the mistake!


It seemed that Dranagorn had attacked the places Chain had been to, looking for the items he possessed. Chain seemed to have beaten him to them, or so he thought. Chain removed the Sword of Destiny, the Supreme Blade, and that's where it all went bad....


When he awoke, 7 years had passed, and Chain was met by a Minister of Light, the King of Old Termina. It seemed that Dranagorn had entered the Sacred Realm, and stole the Triforce for himself, and used it's power to conquer Termina. But he was not worthy of possessing the entire Relic, so it split itself into three pieces, The Triforce of Bravery, Knowledge and Strength.


So, a few dungeons and reunions with some old friends later, and it was time, time to finish what he started, time to finish his quest to stop Dranagorn, but first, because Chain never liked the colour green, he dyed his tunic black. The green one never went with his... uniquely... coloured hair, anyways. Plus, black looks better [laughs slightly]

Ten grueling hours later, and he had defeated Dranagorn, sealing him away in the Dark World.


Prince Zensha, who had become a fine, nobleman restored Time and Space to it's original form, before Drana's takeover, but unfortunately, it restored Chain to a nine year old child.


It would be another seven years of getting to know his friends all over again, before Dranagorn would return.....

So, he unearthed the Supreme Blade from it's resting place once more, and went to battle. Feuled with rage, anger and hatred. Dranagorn had slaughtered and raped his best friend, Romani. Destroyed and disintegrated Rawrru and all his other friends. Burned the Grand Deku Tree to a cinder and slughtered the Kokiri. So, it was left to Chain, Gator and Prince Zensha.....


The battle raged on for days and nights on end, and they knew there was no way to fully obliterate Dranagorn and his new powers, so Zensha, using certain mystical abilities, put a seal on Dranagorn, and using the power of the Celestial Flute, Chain opened up eight portals, but only seven of them took effect in their attempts to seal Dranagorn, the eight, took it's effect on Chain, but Drana wasn't going down alone with his last breath, he used the last of his power to destroy Termina completely.


Chain was absorbed by the portal, and he watched Zensha get crushed by Dranagorn, as the King of Evil vanished piece by piece. After it was over, the portal restored Chain to Termina, but, it was dead and void of life, nothing lived, moved or breathed. Even the re-deads were resting in peace.


Chain visited the living spaces of his friends and paid his final respects to them, before pleading with the Goddesses to give him something to live for.... They answered and transported Chain to the land of Hyrule.