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Character List of The New Non Sticky
Navi The Fairy

Hey! Listen! It's Navi!!

Name: Navi

Age: N/A

Gender: Female

Species: Fairy

Height: 3 inches

Weight: 1 oz

Visible as: Ball of light

Alignment (good, evil, ect.): Good

Appearence and Physical Description: Navi is a fairy and only appears as a ball of light to the naked eyes.

Personality: A very wise and knowledgable sprite. She's a veritable fountain of information about the world including the knowledge of some useless facts. She's also quite talkative and tends to be more serious than playful. Navi is a loyal friend if a bit occasionally full of herself.

Main Weapon: The best thing Navi has as a weapon is her intelligence. She's mostly a passifist but if friends are in danger, she's most likely to use her surroundings and her brains to defeat any obstacle.

Special Skill: Navi has, as all fairies do, the ability to heal others as well as, with enough energy, bring an individual back from the dead. As an individual, Navi has the ability to track just about anything. Her observational skills, knowledge, and sensible instincts make her difficult to escape from.

Attacks: Navi, being mostly passive, does not have any attacks. Being so small, physically, she can do no damage...but she can insult you pretty well.

Weaknesses: Navi's size and physical strength are both handicaps. Also, being that she is mostly friendless, she has very little determination and gives up fairly easily. Sometimes, because she is proud of the abilities she does posess, her ego can get the best of her.

History: There's no real knowledge about how long Navi has been around since she's been known to float from place to place without leaving much of a trace. No one has ever bothered to gather information on her since fairies are, for the most part, sought after for their healing abilities and not their life stories.