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Character List of The New Non Sticky
Link of Pailia

Link, Hero of Time

Name: Link of Pailia

Age: 17 (this can be adjusted if we want Kid Link, rather than adult)

Gender: male

Species: Hylian

Height: approx. 5'8"

Weight: approx. 145

Hair: Light brown-blonde

Eyes: blue

Skin: white

Alignment: good, with an understanding of evil (if one is to defeat evil, one must understand it)

Appearance and Physical Description: Green tunic, white linen shirt underneath, whitekhaki leggings, soft leather boots, shaggy light brownblonde hair, wears a long green hat when questing..or just going outside. Blue eyes, trimmed with gold, Long pointed ears with each to hear the goddesses icon_wink.gif, blue hoop earing in left ear, has fingerless gauntletgloves that he wears while questing, also for archery.

Personality: tends to be quiet and shy, but when drawn out of his shell, he is funny and kind. Perseveres through frustration, smart, clever, innovative

Main Weapon: Long bow (until he gets a sword)

Special Skill: hardly ever misses his target (when he gets a sword he'll be able to use magic to make his attacks stronger)

Attacks: he learns magic and can do varies magic attacks, such as Din's Fire, limited healing, etc.

Weaknesses: in character: gets overwhelmed sometimes, in physical: lightweight, weak sword first

History: (correct me if you need to) Link left his home and settled in Pailia. He lives in a small, but nice room above the town tavern. He's new to the town and doesn't really know anybody...until now.