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Character List of The New Non Sticky
Shark Akhrrana

Shark Akhrrana

Name: Shark Akhrrana

Age: 45

Height: 5'6

Weight: 140

Race: Zora (Bog Zora)

Weapon: Spear although will use her teeth and claws if unarmed

Markings: grey skin with black stripes

Eye colour: Red

Strengths: Can climb walls using her sharp nails, She can see in the dark, Good sense of smell, has a strong stomach,

Weaknesses: Easily distracted, vulnerable to fire or ice, gets into people's conversations. Strong light hurts her eyes.

Bio: Shark was originally named Zhrraharrkaiga (dangerous fish) but her adoptive parents called her Shark for short. The people of Zora Domain saw her as a strange child a beast and even a monster they called her Shrraharrkaian (Ferocious beast) She was lonely and cried because they made fun of her. She was not allowed to go to school with the rest of the children. When her adoptive father became a guard for King Zora the family moved form the Zora village to the Palace. Shark and Warrin were one of the very few children who lived in the Palace and caused problems sometimes. Once a thief went to their home. Her Father tried to fight him off but he was injured and couldn't walk well again. Shark bit the thief's tail off. And they had to move back to the village. Shark was afraid that she was a monster so her brother tried to help her out. Her brother Allar was a warrior for King Zora so he taught her the skills of the spear so that she would stop using her teeth for defence.

She was exiled from Zora Domain at the age of 16 because of a game. She was playing 'catch the fish' blindfolded. She jumped into the water to find the fish. The fish swam by the king's feet and Shark bit King Zora by accident. When she was exiled she came out by
Gerudo Valley. She lived in a cave and caught fish from the river that flows there under the bridge. She was captured by the Gerudo but was later released in exchange for doing an errand for them. She was trained by the Gerudo for a high prize of 200 rupees. She used her skills to sneak into the Zora Domain dungeon and release Azure Akhrrana, who she later married at the age of 20. She was unable to rescue Azure because Zora Domain froze over and she was unable to go inside. She survived eating spiders from the Death Mountain trail.

Later Azure was also exiled and 3 days later Shark married Azure.
They have 3 children: one daughter and two sons.
Sirenia (age 25 Married to Akaishio)
Blanos & Khuma (both age 7)

As a reward for helping in the rescue of King Zora, Shark was later allowed back into Zora Domain with help from the Zora Princess, who tricked her father at a reunion whilst he was talking with the King of Hyrule. King Zora was not happy but after making the promise he had to live up to his word and allowed Shark back into Zora Domain.

Her true parents were the Bog Zora (Huge creatures that lived in the woodfall swamp in Termina hidden from the outsideworld). Her father was Khuma king of the Swamp so that made her a princess even if she didn't know.

When Zora Domain became overpopulated her adoptive brother Warrin decided to build a new
Zora City in Termina. It is still under construction. She went along with her brother and some warriors to clean up Pinacle rock. They killed all the Like Likes and the sea serpents around the area so that the construction of the underwater city could begin. Warrin went back to Zora Domain because Zora Princess didn't want him to stay away for too long so Shark went back home and left Azure behind to supervise the construction of the city. Warrin came back every week to take his report to King Zora and Shark waited patiently for her husband to return.